Rule 8025. Stay of a District Court or BAP Judgment

(a) Automatic Stay of Judgment on Appeal. Unless the district court or BAP orders otherwise, its judgment is stayed for 14 days after entry.

(b) Stay Pending Appeal to the Court of Appeals.

(1) In General. On a party’s motion and notice to all other parties to the appeal, the district court or BAP may stay its judgment pending an appeal to the court of appeals.

(2) Time Limit. The stay must not exceed 30 days after the judgment is entered, except for cause shown.

(3) Stay Continued. If, before a stay expires, the party who obtained the stay appeals to the court of appeals, the stay continues until final disposition by the court of appeals.

(4) Bond or Other Security. A bond or other security may be required as a condition for granting or continuing a stay of the judgment. A bond or other security may be required if a trustee obtains a stay, but not if a stay is obtained by the United States or its officer or agency or at the direction of any department of the United States government.

(c) Automatic Stay of an Order, Judgment, or Decree of a Bankruptcy Court. If the district court or BAP enters a judgment affirming an order, judgment, or decree of the bankruptcy court, a stay of the district court’s or BAP’s judgment automatically stays the bankruptcy court’s order, judgment, or decree for the duration of the appellate stay.

(d) Power of a Court of Appeals Not Limited. This rule does not limit the power of a court of appeals or any of its judges to do the following:

(1) stay a judgment pending appeal;

(2) stay proceedings while an appeal is pending;

(3) suspend, modify, restore, vacate, or grant a stay or an injunction while an appeal is pending; or

(4) issue any order appropriate to preserve the status quo or the effectiveness of any judgment to be entered.